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Riders to Remember....Danny Becker
By Jeff Paige

Danny Becker, a Southern California rider in the early 1970's, was a constant nemesis to the seven time US champ Mike Bast. He would ride the outside cushion to the delight of all, spraying the wall with DG with a wild style that stuck in the memories of all 'So Cal' fans.

Danny was a regular at Costa Mesa, Bakersfield, Ventura, and San Bernardino, says his best averages were at Irwindale Raceway that ran from around 1970 till 1977. All above mentioned tracks, besides Costa Mesa, are all defunct. The five-eighths mile Ventura Raceway is still used for sprint and stock car racing, it's a beautiful track located about 200 feet from the beach, coined in it's speedway days as "commotion by the ocean".

I don't think Danny ever raced abroad, but that's their misfortune as riders like him were few and far between, nicknamed in his day as "Danny Berserko Becker", earned his handle to the max, no doubt!


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This article was first published on 4th September 2008


  • Cary Cotterman:

    "Regarding Danny Becker, he was truly a stylish and immensely talented rider who generated excitement whenever he took to the track. On his day, he could challenge and beat anyone. He undoubtedly would have been a crowd favorite in the U.K. if he'd venture d to try his luck in the British League. As good as he was, something seemed to be missing that prevented him from being more successful. Perhaps it was focus, or seriousness. Regardless, he entertained California speedway fans for several years and I hope he's getting along well today."

  • Terry O'Connor:

    "His name was, and indeed still is, DENNY BECKER."

  • Chuck:

    "Used to love to watch Becker race - always great to watch."

  • Helen Tierney:

    "To Terry O'Conner, I assure you, you are mistaken. I still regard myself as a personal friend of Danny's. I have known him for many, many years. We were even room mates for a short time. It IS DANNY BECKER, not Denny."

  • Shelli Williams:

    "Danny Becker a sight to be seen, a passionate yet clumsy at times rider, where is he today after so many years of great entertainment out at OC, we still can remember Danny's face as if it were yesterday, what a rush he would give the fans!!!!!"

  • Uncle Dave Becker:

    "Danny is alive and well in Huntington Beach."

  • Paul Beck:

    "Danny was a prime rider of the time, he put thorns in a lot of people's sides while racing them. Still know him, Danny is one of the best humans you would want to know. Ask Ron Stewart, Bill Cody, Tommy Burba the Salina st gang."

  • Nien Fin:

    "Danny was awesome back in the day at Costa Mesa. I spent 10 years of my life watching left hand turning dirt rooster churning rocket pilots the likes of Alan Christiansen' the Bass Bros. with halftime entertainment from Doug Dimokos the wheelie king, and inbetween antics of Gene Gene the Dancing Machine. And who can forget the spine chingling play by play from Larry Hoffman. "

  • Michael Gist:

    "Denny? C'mon. He was my cousin. His uncle is my step dad. I, too, assure you it was Danny Becker. "

  • Eddie:

    "As a kid I would spend much of my time at Indian dunes California . It was a great place to practice and see great riders like the Bass bros. I would like to read more about them as information is limited."

  • Mike B:

    "Knew him when he was a kid riding a mac 101 minibike in the 125cc class at Elsinore for his early mentor Ron Stewert. Knew him when he hit So Cal Speedway tracks and after his racing days. Kept wanting to get back up to OC and look him up. Sorry I didn't do so. Godspeed Danny."

  • Gary:

    "If you have a friend like Danny you don't need any more, he will be in the hearts of his friends forever. Rest in peace mate."

  • Greg Gaston:

    "I knew Danny Becker, my Dad was his sponsor in the late 70 and in 1980 - Gaston Dillon corp. I first seen Danny at Irwindale raceway in 73. I think was I still have a photo of him racing."

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