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Dream Team : Chris Young

I'm 26 and currently live in Stockport. I've been a Belle Vue fan since the age of 0. According to my parents they took me to my first match when I was 4 months old. I did the same with my Daughter, who's now 3, and she loves it and Jason Crump. Have always remained loyal to the Aces even through the lean Perrin years and will never desert them. I'm really pleased to see The Aces thriving again under the promotion of Ian Thomas and Tony Mole. We're alive again in this football dominated city and that can only be a good thing.


Chris Morton
My idol and all time number 1. One of the only guys who absolutely terrible at starting (sorry Mort) yet still maintain a high average year in year out. Anyone who saw heat 10, I think, of the 1983 Northern Riders at Hyde Road will know what I mean. He hunted Kenny Carter down for 3 laps before making his move.....what a rider.

Peter Collins
For his dedication to the cause. PC was Belle Vue throughout the 70's and early 80's. His poor gating was his only let down but in his prime was nigh on unbeatable around Hyde Road.

Jason Crump
Loyalty springs to mind when I think of Crumpie. Not everyone's (anyone who's not an Aces fan anyway) cup of tea but an all round nice guy and one hell of a speedway rider. Since 2002 Jason has wanted to bring the name of Belle Vue back to the forefront of British Speedway and, at times, has done that single-handed. Who will ever forget his magnificent 21 point maximum in the 1st leg of the 2005 Elite League Play Off Final. Simply awesome around Kirky Lane.

Joe Screen
Super Joe.....Belle Vue through and through even though he has spent a large part of his career away from Belle Vue. I remember his first meeting for the Aces against Bradford in 1989. He won his first race by about half a lap. I'll always remember the 1990 season when he beat Jan O'Pedersen. Joe made the gate and Pedersen tried everything to pass him. Inside and outside tried the little Dane but Joe parked his bike perfectly on every corner. Tactical speedway at it's best and he was only 17 at the time.

Jason Lyons
Mr Belle Vue....I chose Jason because in this day and age loyalty to one club is pretty rare. Jason has earned the right to be called Mr Belle Vue. After the league title victory of 1993 the team was pretty much decimated but Jason remained and improved year upon year. At times he was keeping Belle Vue away from the wooden spoon on his own. Broke his, and mine, heart when he was left out of the 2004 team but Ian Thomas made the right choice to bring him back last year. Didn't disappoint anyone and what a sight it was in heat 14 of The KO Cup Final 2nd Leg when Jason, along with another old Aces boy Andy Smith, team rode for a 5-1 to bring the KO Cup back to Manchester.

Shawn Moran
Shooey had his problems but always gave 100% for The Aces in the short time he was with us. An out and out number 1 and worth the admission fee alone at times. I'll always remember his clashes with Hans Nielsen at Kirky Lane and will never forget the day he finally won the BLRC.

Simon Stead
Although Steady has only been at Belle Vue one season so far he's showed me enough to become a legend. Cruelly, in my opinion, labelled a big track rider Simon chose to Belle Vue and that decision has paid off. Simon dropped to reserve for a time in 2005 and it did him the world of good. At Wolves in the Elite League B fixture he rattled of (I think) 17 points from reserve. He was also called up to the GB World Cup Squad and certainly didn't disappoint anyone. His clash with Gollob in the WC final was one to be savoured although I still think Gollob should have been excluded. Simon will improve no end in 2006 and, hopefully, become an Aces legend.

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