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Dream Team : Brett Tinkley

Hi I'm Brett, 22 and been going to speedway since 2007, never really known about speedway til my new girlfriend at the time (now fiance) and her father took me with the rest of their family to an Ipswich meeting. I thought it was very good, but her Father took me to King's Lynn a team he has followed for well over 20 years and that's where I got hooked, big wide track with plenty of passing opportunities, I have hardly missed a meeting since!

Even though I have only been a speedway fan for a few years I have created justspeedway.co.uk a speedway website (which success and growth has been extremely good with much help coming from speedway plus!) I am also now doing website design because after doing a few rider websites I have got some work "outside" of speedway so that's all good! Anywoo about my team which funnnily enough will be a recent King's Lynn Stars team!


Tomas Topinka
He has got to be the first name on the list! This man scores big points most of the time at every track. Not only that he helps the other team members so much so really he earns more points in the pits as well working with the others. Still fast out of the gate and knows the fast lines around the tracks it takes an extremely good rider or mechanical failure to beat TT!

Shane Parker
I have only seen Parker riding for Glasgow at the Norfolk Arena and he aint bad!! So I just think to myself how well did a younger Parker do when he rode for Lynn! I would have love to seen it!

Kozza Smith
The Kamikaze kid himself, such an entertaining rider gives it everything sometimes a bit much especially in his first season with a lot of offs! In season 2009 at the team practice just before the season kicked off he looked awesome such a shame of his injuries as he only had a hand full of meetings but his average still went up with some very good performances home and away, Im pretty sure he would have been a heatleader last season if he had not had his injuries. Can't wait for next season!

Daniel Nermark
Only saw him ride for one season and Dan the Man was phenomenal. When he gated he was generally gone and that was it, but if he missed it well he was like a red rag to a bull if you was sitting down, you would on the edge of your seat if not on your feet already in antcipation of the overtake.

Shaun Tacey
Some might say why to this one? Shaun tried all the time and gave it 100% and proved all his doubters wrong in 2008 by doing a very good job for us as our number 2. But the major reason for this entry is because whenever he was winning or 2nd usually by quite some distance and was going down the back straight where his "fan club" where he waved to them, was classic!

Emiliano Sanchez
Well after the season just gone I am a huge fan of "EMILIANO!" - Lynn fans will understand about why I shouted his name out, simply to do with a drunken stalker. Before any of Potty's races you always had a little smile on your face. This is because you know although he not bad from the gate it's likely there will be one rider from the opposing team ahead of him. From the start he's 3rd then you just wait til he gets to his 3rd bend and woooossh he carves right up inside of them a move he done again and again and again and never got boring fantastic and his away performances for us where excellent, such a shame he is not in our team for 2010!

Kevin Doolan
Hardly anyone, at any level, can beat Doolan at the Norfolk Arena even TT struggles recently - thou he is getting on now! Super fast Kevin Doolan really is of Elite league quality, but it would seem he just needs to be at Premier League level to get more meetings etc, but i'm not complaining. Fast out of the gate and even faster racing it's hard for any other teams heatleaders to keep up with him let alone beat him, on the rare case of him missing a gate it generally doesn't take him long to get through the pack. Coming out of the 2nd bend he gets so much speed its crazy.

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This article was first published on 25th February 2010

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