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Bobby Schwartz and the World Final
By Tracy Holmes

Boogaloo Bobby Schwartz

Bobby Schwartz seems to get most people's vote for the best rider of the 80's, not to ride in the World Speedway Final. World Team Champion and twice World Pairs Champion, how come the very popular American never got to 'The Big One' ? Here's how he went, year by year;

1979 Intercontinental Final. 2 points. dnq

1980 American Final. dnq

1981 American Final. dnq

1982 American Final. dnq

1983 American Final. dnq

1984 Overseas Final. 3 points. dnq

1985 American Final. 11 points. Reserve for Overseas Final. dnr

1986 Overseas Final. 5 points. dnq

1987 American Final. dnq

1988 Overseas Final. 3 points. dnq

1989 American Final. dnq

1990 American Final. dnq

1991 American Final. dnq

1992. Not nominated for Overseas Final.

1993. Not Nominated for Overseas Final.

1994 American Final. dnq

Amazing to see that 1979, the Intercontinental Final being the last round, was the closest he ever got! More amazing to see that the American Final was more often than not, his downfall.


This article was first published on 13th May 2018

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  • Mike Wilson:

    "Bobby if compared to just about every other American rider of the era had a completely different style of sitting on the bike. When most others were able to be loose and flamboyant Bobby was semi rigid and used to trail his leg off the turns. IMO I believe it was a style that didn't work so well on the larger World Final type tracks. Bobby was brilliant on the smaller ones like Wolverhampton etc and his record in the USA speaks for itself. He was a master of throttle control in an era of when the art was starting to disappear from the Sport."  


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