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Dream Team : Bob Banthorpe

I have been going to speedway on and off since 1969 at Ipswich and have been priveliged to see many great riders both for and against Ipswich. I have to say the meetings in the 70's rate highly as did the dream team of 98. We've had many characters, one that always stands out for me was Olly Nygren, the length of his left leg ment he seemed to be able to cover a third of the bend :-) My true speedway hero will always be Billy Sanders, a legend in his own time.

SandersJ. Louis

Billy Sanders
I remember him as a raw sixteen year old kid with a big smile who was not afaid to mix it with his peers and give 110%. His team riding with John Louis was poetry in motion, they just seemed to know each others postion on the track. I suspect they learnt this from riding with Olly Nygren. A master craftsman in action.

John Louis
Mr Ipswich speedway, a true pedigree, a rider who was not afraid to grab a handful of throttle and go the long way, I sometimes wonder if he missed the start on purpose just so he could go by everyone. Like Billy he always seem to give 110%. His duels with the likes of Peter Collins, Dave Jessup, Terry Betts and Simmo were a real treat to watch both at home or away.

Tony Davey
Now he is a guy who had the talent to go as far if not further than Billy and JL but for a fall one Good Friday! On his day I have never seen anyone who could leave the tapes so fast as Shrimp, he was like greased lightning from the tapes and he was very rarely passed once in front. A good rider and a gentleman - never too busy to stop and chat even now on the grass track circuit.

Tony Rickardsson
What can you say that everybody else has not said before? Tony, to me you will always be a Witch and a proud member of the dream team from 98. A showman in every sense of the word and probably the most complete speedway rider for decades!

Chris Louis
This guy would bleed blue, black and white blood. A more dedicated captain you could not find, probably even more so than his father before him. A true professional again. I remember him starting out so I have seen his ups and downs from start to date. An almost impossible act to follow when he does decide to call it a day.

Mike Lanham
Now if you wanted all round entertainment look no further, here is a guy who would not give up until he had passed the checkered flag. Manys the time he has gone round the boards to get by everyone. A career that was cut short because of an arm injury.

Olly Nygren
A cunning fox, a master of his trade who had an abundance of knowledge that he passed on to the lads of the early 70's. That was one telling factor of the early days and what he passed on. Mind you he could be a bit fiery, kicking and elbowing Rick France around the track then squaring up with him after the race on the back straight will alway stick in my mind.

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