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Dream Team : Barry Forrest

I'm now 41 years old, I first went to Shielfield Park in 1976 to watch the Bandits. I was a farmer then and am now a prison officer. I've just returned to watch the Bandits even though I'm living in Newcastle. My last match had been when they left Berrington Lough a few years ago. I travelled far and wide during my teens and never missed a 'home match' when Berwick rode at Barrow and Glasgow.


Graham Jones
My first hero for the Bandits back in the 70s. We'd go down 60-18 away from home and it would only be Jonesy who would win a race. I only remember him having three sets of leathers in 10 years! He travelled all the way from Lowestoft every week to ride for the Bandits. A true hero and captain. I remember Jonesy beating Phil Crump, who was third in the world at the time, from behind at Berwick in an inter-league clash - he brought the house down!

Rockin' Robin Adlington
This little ozzy was a real hero in the '70s at Berwick. Could only ride Shielfield but boy could he go. He was also a really lovely guy.

Steve McDermott
A close run to Jonesy as my favourite, he just got better and better once he signed from Edinburgh. He was immaculate around Shielfield and Berrington. I once saw him take a 18 point max down at Boston and that was a fast track. I was there when he broke his leg at Peterbourgh in the National Fours final - when you hit that fence you don't get up! I only wish I had seen him win the National League Riders Final at Wimbledon. Stevie was a great servant to Berwick.

Charlie McKinna
Signed for the Bandits in the mid '80s and what a popular lad he was. Always smiling and had time for everyone. I would say had a great style around Berrington. I remember when he broke his leg grass tracking and rode while his leg was still in plaster! Canny Scot!

Wayne Brown
This little Kiwi came from reserve to number one overnight and we called him the "mighty atom"! He loved the big tracks where you could blast around the boards, but I used to love watch him ride the little track down at Rye House. A joy to watch.

Rob Grant
What can you say about this man? He would ride through and over you to win a race and at the gate nobody got past his elbows and that long leg stretched out. I remember following him and his dad Alec down to Stoke in his old red transit van. I think he had a couple of sheep in the back as well! I saw his son ride recently and he has the same style but is not as mad as Granty. Pure legend!

Phil Kynman
Berwick's own prodigal son, he kept coming back to Berwick after a year or two out. He always gave us his best when he had his bikes right. A real good racer. I remember him down at Ellesmere Port coming from behind in the last race to earn a draw, it made my night.


This article was first published on 26th October 2006

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