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The Aces Pub
By Jack Babrovskie

The Aces Pub

The ACES pub in Clowes Street, Gorton was built and named back when the Belle Vue team raced just across Hyde Road at the old stadium.

Back then the bar apparently featured photos etc. of the current team and I assume attracted fans from the track though I never actually went inside myself.

It seems that more recently the pub has been used as the set for the TV series 'Shameless', although I understand that the programme is fictionally set in another part of the city with the pub re-named.

Looking at this Google Streetview photo it appears that the place has definitely seen better days, and looks to be closed.

I wonder if anyone remembers having a pint in here after a meeting at Hyde Road?


  • Steve Luxton:

    "I've seen pictures of the inside of the pub in my speedway star collection! It had drawings of riders hanging up behind the bar! Collins, Wilkinson, Morton - I'll search it out!"

  • Lynne Bardsley:

    "I was a big fan of Belle Vue in the late seventies and early eighties and I had some fantastic nights in the Aces pub. I think the pub was built for the fans because the Hyde Road stadium didn't have a bar. The fans and also the riders would head over to the Aces after the meeting and it was always a great night. The pub had photos all over the walls and also a speedway bike near the bar. I think this belonged to Peter Collins. Fantastic memories."

  • Chris Smith:

    " Re: comments on the Aces pub there were indeed many pictures of the Aces riders behind the bar as well race jackets from various clubs mounted on the walls in lounge bar also Jap bikes. Monday night was our main night after the training school which members of the Glossop & District supporters Club of which I was a member used run on Monday nights in the season and Saturday mornings in the winter, and believe after 3 hours helping the the pushing off, sorting mechanical troubles and picking them up when they fell off a refreshing beer was very very welcome indeed."

  • Gary Todd:

    "The Aces pub used to have a free standing painted sign of Chris Morton in action. The pub featured in Shameless 'The Jockey' was filmed in the Wellington pub a couple of minutes walk across the estate. The aces pub was near the Gallaghers house and behind the Shopping parade in the show until they rebuilt an exact replica set in Wythenshaw several miles away. For a number of years the Aces pub was frequented by a lot of speedway fans but dwindled away when Hyde road closed and fans relocated to the 'Longsight' pub on Kirkmanshulme Lane near the new track. The Moran brothers were often in the pub socialising with supporters after meetings. "

  • Ken Farley:

    "Popular pub after Monday night practice at Belle Vue was Palm Court at the main entrance to Belle Vue in 1960."

  • Phil Boyd:

    "The question that arose last night was "whose bike was it that hung from the wall in the Aces pub?". For some reason one opinion was that it was a Scandinavian rider who had donated it, and who was presumably riding for Belle Vue at the time. The person who reckoned this also thought that it was a rider who rode at the new track, although having consulted a 1988 Speedway Star I can't find any evidence of such a rider."

  • Gizz and Kaz:

    "Many a good night in The Aces after the speedway in 1980,81,82. Riders and mechanics used to head to the pub after the races for a few drinks and a bit of banter, remember the jap bike well - jimmy mc, Bangor bobby beaton, Larry Kosta, Bernie Collier, the Carr brothers, Rob Maxfield to name just a few! Good nights had by all."

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